The 25 Best Tom Hanks Responses from Today's 'Captain Phillips' Reddit Session

Tom Hanks is going to be a busy man over these next few months. The star of two films generating awards buzz, Hanks returns to screens next weekend in Captain Phillips. The latest trailer premiered during the series finale of Breaking Bad last night and you can watch it here.

Earlier today, Hanks participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session to help promote the film and answer the public's most pressing questions.

With his quick wit, Hanks whipped through almost 100 questions during the session. Here are the 25 best responses he gave:


Answer: "I had a terrible case of the flu shooting the football scenes in Gump."

The Question: "Please tell me your favorite piece of trivia from a movie shoot, preferably something we probably didn't know."


Answer: "Sam is a talented gent who taught me the joys of Marmite on a toasted bagel."

The Question: "What was it like working with Sam Mendes in Road to Perdition?"


Answer: "Sure. It's Heart and soul followed by Chopstix!"

The Question: "Can you still do the piano dance from Big?"


Answer: "Ham and swiss on spelt. Mustard only and a bit of lettuce. No tomato!"

The Question: "Mr. Hanks, I think what we all need to know is this: What is your perfect sandwich?"


Answer: "I have the old, ratty wilson and sign new ones for charities."

The Question: "Do you have the real Wilson from Cast Away or was it lost?"


Answer: "Rich was watching an NCAA basketball game of UConn in his socks when I walked into his house. He has no fond memories of his ordeal but it's conclusion..."

The Question: "Did you get a chance to meet with Captain Phillips prior to the movie? If so, what was he like and how does he look back at the hostage situation now?"


Answer: "The Japanese food seems good for you..."

The Question: "If you can only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?"


Answer: "Recently, Looper. And Das Boot the directors cut."

The Question: "Whats your favorite movie you didn't act in?"


Answer: "All the dogs who played hooch -- all four of them -- went to dog heaven."

The Question: "How is Hooch doing?"


Answer: "The Captain Phillips Life-Boat Launch Experience."

The Question: "Which would you rather see become a ride at a theme park: The Polar Express or Forrest Gump?"


Answer: "I relish Aston Villa victories."

The Question: "One quick pointless question but are you really as nice as you seem. Tell us one thing that shows the dark side of Tom!"


Answer: "Paul made great movies like Bloody Sunday and United 93 -- I've wanted to work with him since. I am told there sneaks of CPhillips this Saturday. Where? I don't know..."

The Question: "What was it like working with Paul Greengrass? Did you do any research prior to filming Captain Phillips?"


Answer: "Always thought chipmunks should be orange. Some are, right?"

Question: "Just want to ask what your favourite animal is and what color they would better suited to be."


Answer: "I'd make it a week and a half."

The Question: "How long do you think would you really survive on an deserted island?"


Answer: "Shave it off."

The Question: "Mr. Hanks: Mustache tips. Go."


Answer: "It's the one movie I would love to make again."

The Question: "It is probably one of your lesser known movies, but just wanted to say that I watched That Thing You Do countless times as a teenager."


Answer: "The Borg. Nothing else."

The Question: "Scenario: J.J. Abrams is making a reboot movie of The Next Generation. Do you want the role of Picard, Riker, Data, Worf or Q?"


Answer: "2001: A Space Odyssey"

The Question: "What classic movie would you have loved to have worked on?"


Answer: "Loved that hotel desk clerk."

The Question: "Hi Tom. In Cloud Atlas which was your favorite character you got to play and why?"


Answer: "Go to the Disney Family Museum at the presidio in SF!"

The Question: "Tom, looking forward to Captain Phillips, but also looking forward to seeing you portray Walt Disney. I was wondering what sort of research you did on him, given that he was both a remarkable man but also one who had some complicated parts in his life."


Answer: "Digging Bruno Mars!"

The Question: "What music are you currently interested in?"


Answer: "Hands down, Peter Scolari."

The Question: "Who is the best smelling actor you have ever worked with?"


Answer: "I never stop learning -- Read Rick Atkinson's GUNS AT LAST NIGHT."

The Question: "Your projects show a deep connection to the stories of World War II. Has that made an impact on you at a personal level?"


Answer: "The naked guy out the window across the back alley."

The Question: "If you were a Friends character, which would you be and why?"


Answer: "That was an Emmy, and only for about 20 feet."

The Question: "How long was your Oscar taped to your car?"



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