That Awkward Moment: At Prom with Carrie

If only Carrie were a British teen, then we could ironically call her first prom "bloody fantastic," but alas she’s American. We’ll have to settle with calling it fantastically bloody. Wait, this is PROM! It’s not fantastic, it’s bloody awkward!

For the vast majority of us, prom was chock-full of awkward moments: that awkward moment when you're about to ask your date (or get asked); that awkward moment taking a million photographs while your mom gushed and your father pretended to kinda care; that awkward moment dividing the dinner check among your prom party of 25 17-year-olds; that awkward moment when your principal breathalyzed you; that awkward moment after FINALLY being crowned prom queen only to have a bucket of pig’s blood dumped on you.   

Alright, so that last one may be specific to Carrie (and if not, then you went to high school with some real grade-A bitches), but it did make for one hell of an awkward moment. Let’s celebrate that most awkward of times, high school, by looking at the most awkward prom moments in movie history.


Jawbreaker (1999)

That awkward moment when the prom queen was framed for murder…  deal with it.

Teen Wolf (1985)

That awkward moment when a werewolf attends prom and is more popular than you…

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

That awkward moment when you get punched twice in the face while Letters to Cleo plays alternative rock your entire prom night… that’s one way to limit twerking.

Mean Girls (2004)

That awkward moment when a mathelete wins “Spring Fling Queen” (as if that would ever happen) and then proceeds to tear the crown apart, saying everyone is a winner…

She’s All That (1999)

That awkward (yet awesome) moment when Usher DJs your prom and teaches all the popular kids a special dance to perform… but only the sexy people!

Back to the Future (1985)

That awkward moment when you start to fade from existence at prom after your mom hits on you in the parking lot…

Never Been Kissed (1999)

That awkward moment when you’re egged in the face before prom even begins…

Carrie (1976, 2013)

That awkward moment when you lose control and massacre everyone at prom…

Share your own awkward prom moments in the comment section below and be sure to get your tickets to see Carrie, in theaters this Friday!  

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