‘Terminator’ Franchise May Return with ‘Fast Five’s Justin Lin Directing

Not long after Arnold Schwarzenegger officially confirmed his return to acting, Deadline brings word that Universal is now interested in reviving the Terminator now that the franchise’s troubles (including rights owners who went bankrupt) seem to be behind them. A hedge fund called Pacificor acquired the rights last year, and after both Sony and Lionsgate walked away from the franchise for good, Universal looks to be interested in bringing more futuristic robot action to the big screen.


As it stands right now nothing is happening, though Deadline claims Universal is looking for a new project for Justin Lin, who directed the last three installments in the Fast and Furious franchise. Could they bring him on to direct a potential fifth Terminator film? Is there even a desire among fans to see a fifth Terminator film?
Schwarzenegger has made it clear that he’s not the action star he once was, and, let’s face it – the guy isn’t exactly in the sort of shape to return to his badass ways in another Terminator film. The only way he could return to the franchise is if he plays a human character and not a cyborg, unless he somehow gets himself into terrific ass-kicking shape, but even then it would probably look weird.
Plus, where do they even go with this story? Do they continue McG’s new storyline from Terminator Salvation, or do they reboot the entire franchise? What do you think they should do?
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