'T4: The Future Begins' Next Year

This in from Lizerne Guiting: Christian Bale takes the lead in Terminator Salvation (as the Governator is busy with California) and the release has now been officially set for May 22, 2009. That also happens to be the date Night at the Smithsonian – sequel to Night at the Museum – bows in theaters with Ben Stiller and Amy Adams. We’ll see who wins the box office battle that weekend, but past numbers may give a clue: Museum profited about $150 million more than T3.

Both movies have vast fan bases: guys, Baleheads, and Terminator followers versus family-friendly, Enchanted-type moviegoers. I personally think moms, girlfriends and kids will be dragging dads, husbands and boyfriends to see Ben before Bale.

Weigh in: Which film will you see?

The Dark Knight

Bale to steal Stiller’s thunder. Till then, he’s known as the Dark Knight.
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