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SXSW 2011 Day Two: 'Source Code' and 'Attack the Block' Rock the House

Source CodeIt’s been a wild couple of days here at the SXSW Film Festival, with films screening around the clock in between tons of panels, really cool parties (like the one Fandango hosted last night alongside the Alamo Drafthouse) and surprise events, like when Pee-Wee Herman popped up with an ice cream truck and began handing out free ice cream to everyone waiting on line for The Innkeepers (which we heard very good things about).

The two films that have stood out to me so far were Source Code, the opening night movie directed by Duncan Jones – a tight little sci-fi thriller that my buddy described as “Inception meets Groundhog Day meets Déjà Vu, from the guy who brought you Moon.” Definitely recommended from us on this end, so catch it when the film arrives in theaters on April 1st.

Meanwhile, at midnight there was a screening of the new Edgar Wright-produced, Joe Cornish-directed British alien invasion flick…and, well, the film absolutely rocked the festival. A super cool throwback to ‘80s creature features like Critters, and gang flicks like The Warriors, Attack the Block follows a group of inner-city thugs who must defend their neighborhood from an onslaught of weird black creatures with no eyes and glowing fangs who fall from the sky. There’s some apprehension from American distributors because of the thick Brit accents in the movie, but it’s not that hard to pick up – and, hey, if anything it’s just another reason to watch the film more than once. Keep an eye out for it, folks – you genre nuts are gonna love it.

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