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SXSW 2011: 10 Films We're Really Looking Forward To

The 2011 SXSW Film Festival begins this Friday with the premiere of Duncan Jones’ Source Code, and your friends at Fandango will be on the ground, seeing films, attending parties (like the one celebrating our partnership with the Alamo Drafthouse) and having a good time with old friends and new ones in Austin, Texas. But before we grab our cowboy hats and head to the airport, here are ten films playing this year’s fest that we’re really looking forward to.

  1. Source Code – The follow-up from Duncan Jones, director of Moon, stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier recruited to travel into the body of another man moments before he becomes the victim of a terrorist bombing in an attempt to identify the people responsible. We loved Moon, and Jones – a self-professed video game addict – seems like the perfect fit for this trippy genre thriller.
  2. The Beaver – Directed by Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson makes his buzzed-about return to movies in order to play a guy who’s convinced his hand-puppet Beaver is real and, like, his best friend. We’ve heard great things about Gibson’s performance, and considering all the controversy he’s been through this is definitely one we don’t want to miss.
  3. Attack the Block – We’ve seen what Hollywood does with the alien invasion film, but what about filmmakers from across the pond like newcomer Joe Cornish, who with help from genre master Edgar Wright, has pieced together a different sort of alien flick that tells the invasion story from the point of view of a bunch of inner city kids out to wreak some havoc.
  4. Paul – And speaking of the Brits, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost go Hollywood with this hilarious-looking film about a couple of fanboys who travel to Area 51 and wind up picking up a nasty, foul-mouthed alien voiced by Seth Rogen. We can only imagine the hilarity that will then ensue.
  5. Insidious – From the duo who brought us the original Saw (James Wan and Leigh Whannell) comes this creepy flick about a family who look to protect their comatose child from demons who want to do bad things. Do demons ever want to do good things? Where are all the good demons these days?
  6. Detention – Picture The Breakfast Club … if those kids were suddenly attacked by some nasty ghosts. Suddenly your last trip to detention doesn’t sound so bad, huh?
  7. Super – Um, Rainn Wilson as a regular guy who decides to become a masked avenger and kicks tons of violent ass? Count us in. 
  8. The Innkeepers – Ti West returns after successfully freaking us out with his early-80s throwback The House of the Devil, and now he’s bringing us The Innkeepers, about the last two people left in a haunted hotel that’s about to go out of business.
  9. My Sucky Teen Romance – Teenager Emily Hagins (yes, we said teenager) debuts her first film at the SXSW Film Festival --  it’s about a bunch of vampires who invade a sci-fi convention and the regular old teenagers tasked with preventing them from destroying everything. Watch the trailer below. 

  10. The FP – This peculiar-looking genre film follows a group of people who fight to the death using a dance game called Beat Beat Revolution. Sold!
Tell us what films you’re looking forward to seeing or hearing about, and we’ll make sure to bring back word.
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