Stupid Idea of the Day: A 'Full House' Movie

Just when you thought Hollywood was all out of brilliant ideas comes this whopper from John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse on the family-friendly sitcom that aired back in the late '80s through the mid-'90s. Stamos recently told the New York Daily News that he’s currently tossing around ideas for a potential "Full House" movie, and though he doesn’t exactly spill any beans, he does say that “it would probably take place in the first few years” of the series, and it wouldn’t feature any of the original cast.

Oh that’s a bummer – part of me was really looking forward to the Olsen twins babysitting the new Olsen twins, or, better yet, sextuplets are hot right now – maybe it could be an even fuller house … whaddya think? As far as casting ideas go, Stamos wants James Franco to play Uncle Jesse, Steve Carell to play Danny Tanner (Bob Saget in the original series) and Tracy Morgan to play Joey Gladstone (originally played by Dave Coulier).

I’m not exactly sure what a "Full House" movie would be about since the television show wasn’t really about much to begin with. Could they reprise the show as a new sitcom, a la "Beverly Hills 90210"? Most definitely – audiences eat up dysfunctional family comedies. But as a movie? I’ll pass …

Would you actually pay to go see a "Full House" movie in theaters?

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