Steven Spielberg's Considering Robopocalypse as Next Film?

Steven Spielberg is currently busy directing the film War Horse (about a young man and his horse during World War I), but apparently he's already looking ahead to his next film and it could be a big one. According to Vulture, one of the films Spielberg is considering as his next directing vehicle is the adaptation of the upcoming novel Robopocalypse, which has been recently optioned by DreamWorks.

Steven SpielbergThe screenplay for the film is being written by Drew Goddard (Cloverfield), and the story is said to follow the human race after a robot uprising. Sounds a lot like the Terminator films (or, to be more specific, Terminator Salvation), though with the Cloverfield dude writing it, one imagines it might hit a little closer to home and take a more realistic, relatable approach.

Regardless of how they go about it, DreamWorks does seem a bit obsessed with the robot stories as of late – putting a lot of stock in the "robot genre" as one they feel folks will eat up like hot cakes. Not only do they have Transformers 3 in production, but also Hugh Jackman's Real Steel, about the robot boxing world.
Robot overload or not enough? That's for you to decide. The one upsetting thing about this is that if Spielberg chooses Robopocalypse as his next movie, then what happens to Indiana Jones 5? How long would we have to wait for that…if it even happens at all?
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