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'Spider-Man 2' Weekend Chatter: Casting Harry Osborn, Picking the Next Villain

Our Spider Senses have been tingling all week. 
Buried in the earlier announcement that The Descendants starlet Shailene Woodley was the frontrunner to play Mary Jane Watson in Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was news that Sony was looking to cast an actor to play Harry Osborn. That’s important for so many reasons. 
Those who’ve read Spidey comics over the years know that Harry was Peter Parker’s best friend in high school. He also is the son of Norman Osborn, who was mentioned off the cuff in Webb’s first Spider-Man film and – as you probably know – goes on to become The Green Goblin.
That suggests Webb and his screenwriters want to introduce the Osborns and the Goblin for ASM2. But the report goes on to suggest – in a single line – that Electro is a rumored villain for the sequel. And with that, we take a drastic left turn.
Remember the mid-credits sequence from Amazing Spider-Man? The one that had a stranger talking to Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) in his jail cell? There was a flash of lightning in the clip, which had a few people suggesting maybe the stranger was Electro. 
Now, I’ll say, I’m a little concerned. The natural progression of the story Webb started suggests that the Gobin needs to become the focal point of Amazing Spider-Man 2. If we bring Electro into it, we could be flirting with the too-many-villains syndrome that plagued Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3
But we’re opening the discussion up to our forum for the weekend. Two questions: Who would you like to see play Harry Osborn? And do you think Electro should be the main villain in the Spider-Man sequel? 
Erik Davis of beat me to the punch by suggesting Logan Lerman of The Perks of Being a Wallflower for Harry. Great choice. Lerman almost won the role of Peter Parker that went to Andrew Garfield. Adding him to the ensemble in any way only helps. As for Electro … I’m undecided. What are your thoughts?

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