Sound Off: Where Do You Stand on 4D Movies?

When Iron Man 3 hits Japanese theaters on April 26, it will bring the 4D experience to a theater chain called Korona World, marking what some hope is the next step in the ever-evolving moviegoing experience. According to Ubergizmo, select Japanese theaters will be "equipped with 4DX technology which adds motion, humidity, aromas, strobes, bubbles and additional effects while its customers are watching a film. Each seat will be able to move in sync with the action on the movie screen, even going as far as to provide jolts to the customer during intense action scenes." (Back massage during the end credits unfortunately not included.)

The 4D concept isn't exactly new -- here in the States we have something similar called D-Box, which will run you an extra $8 per movie ticket for a seat that vibrates along with the action on screen. But the full immersive experience that will be arriving in Japan later this month (and already exists in countries like South Korea, Thailand and Mexico) has not infiltrated US movie theaters yet on a wide scale, even though it was promised almost a year ago.

It's coming though, and so now might be a good chance to let us know whether you'll be onboard when it gets here. Are you interested in an interactive moviegoing experience that includes vibrating seats, different smells, strobes and bubbles? Also, for those who've tried D-Box, what do you think? Is this the next evolution of moviegoing or just a cheap fad?


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