Sound Off: What's One New Food Item You'd Like To See in Theaters in 2013?

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So here we are in 2013, and so far this year doesn't look all that different from last year. Movie theaters are still packed with folks lined up to see the weekend's new release, and just like last year, you still go through the same routine of entering the theater, picking up the tickets you reserved through Fandango (if you didn't already print them out or keep them on your phone), and then hustling over to the concession stand to pretend like you don't already know what's there.

So you stand around for a few minutes trying to survey the menu, which, depending on your local theater, may have in recent years grown to include hot foods like chicken fingers, french fries and pizza. Then you finally step up to order ... popcorn. The usual. And it tastes pretty good. But what if there was something new on the menu that helped sway you away from the popcorn this time? What if that something new was too good to turn down? What would that have to be?

That's what we're looking to get out of you this week. As many of you plan to head out to the theater for the first time in 2013 this weekend, what's one new food item you'd like to see on that menu the next time you're standing in front of it trying to decide what to munch on? Would you go healthy and choose a specific salad or wrap? Or would you go the chocolate-covered route?

Mmmm ... chocolate covered .... anyway, sound off below and let us know what one new food item you'd like to see in your local theater next time you go see a movie. 

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