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While going to the movies with friends to see a new Hollywood release will always be one of our favorite all-time weekend activities, wouldn't it be even better if we chose the movie, the food, the drinks, the props and had the entire theater reserved for only people we knew and liked (and had nothing to do with that smelly guy who sat next to us during Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters)? Sure, I love watching shows featuring the amazing home theaters that celebrities pimp out in their homes, but most of us will never have that ... ever. But what if we could have our own movie theater for a night, with the ability to screen one of our favorite movies for only the people we like to watch movies with? It'd be pretty rad, right? 

That's the focus of a new contest being held by our friends at the Alamo Drafthouse theaters. They're asking moviegoers to come up with creative movie-themed parties to host in one of their theaters, and the winner will get to enjoy the party they came up with at their local Alamo Drafthouse with up to 50 of their friends for free. Yes, free. If you live near an Alamo Drafthouse chain you can literally participate in this contest by heading over to the Drafthouse Facebook page and offering up your most creative party idea.

But we want to hear your ideas here, too. Whether you're entering the contest or not, everyone has to have a dream movie party they'd love to host at their local theater. Knowing me and my undying love for the movies, I'd probably try to come up with something for a Back to the Future screening that involved food, drink and props from the '50s and the '80s. 

What about you? What would your ultimate movie party look like? Sound off with your most creative ideas below, and enjoy your weekend at the movies!

The Alamo Drafthouse presents THE ULTIMATE MOVIE PARTY CONTEST from Alamo Drafthouse on Vimeo.


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