Sound Off: Hey Fellas, Tell Us the Last Time You Cried in a Movie Theater

Not long ago there was an infographic in Men's Health magazine that doled out a bunch of statistics related to guys and watching movies. Most of them are silly (like how many guys go to the bathroom before a movie starts), but there's a really interesting one about dudes crying, and which movie from the past decade has made guys shed the most tears. I immediately thought it'd be some inspirational sports movie since a lot of guys have a strange and slightly unhealthy emotional attachment to various sports -- and this is coming from a guy who last cried during an inspirational sports movie called Medora. So color me surprised when they revealed Marley & Me as the movie that produces the most amount of waterworks. (Yeah, I get it. I have a dog too.)

We ran a general discussion post about this over at our sister site, and tons of you dudes chimed in with the movie (or movies) that last made you cry, and we'd love to take the topic one step further by asking for the last time you cried during a movie in a theater. Ideally we're looking for guys to sound off on this one, but you girls can feel free to chime in with the last tearjerker you watched too.

Don't be afraid fellas, crying is healthy and sweet, and we'll totally high-five you for admitting that in public by sounding off below. Go ahead, tell us the last movie that made you cry. We're in this together!


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