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Sorry, Wolverine Fans: Trailer Will Not Be Attached to 'The Hobbit'

Stories circulated earlier that the first official glimpse at The Wolverine would be attached to prints of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit when the fantasy epic opened in theaters on Dec. 14. 

Now, a trusted source – perhaps the second-most-trusted Wolverine source outside of Hugh Jackman, himself – has confirmed that it will not be the case. Sorry to disappoint, Wolvie fans.
Director James Mangold posted on Twitter that the first trailer will NOT be in front of The Hobbit. “You will get a glimpse early 2013. I promise,” he tweets. 
That doesn’t mean you are completely out of luck. As we reported earlier, Paramount still plans to have the 9-minute Star Trek Into Darkness preview attached to IMAX prints of Hobbit. And a traditional trailer will be part of the 2D and 3D experiences on Dec. 14.
But Wolverine fans will have to wait until next year to get a look at the work Mangold and Jackman are doing on the sequel. Can you wait that long?
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