Sleepers to See: 'Wish You Were Here' Proves Joel Edgerton Is a Bona Fide Star

Theatergoers this weekend may opt for a hilarious tour of Google's headquarters with The Internship or a night of terror with The Purge; but if a taunt, suspensful drama is what you crave, we recommend checking out Wish You Were Here. 

 Wish You Were Here

THE DIRECTOR: Australian Kieran Darcy-Smith, making his feature-length debut.

THE CAST: All from the Land of Oz: rising stars Joel Edgerton (Zero Dark Thirty, The Great Gatsby) and Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies, I Am Number Four) are joined by Felicity Price (who cowrote the script) and Antony Starr (Without a Paddle).  

THE STORY:  Marrieds Alice (Price) and Dave (Edgerton) head to Southeast Asia for a vacation with her flaky younger sister Steph (Palmer) and Steph's new boyfriend, Jeremy (Starr). Away from their hectic home lives and children, the four friends lose themselves in the exotic location and indulge in a wild night of partying. When the sun rises and the hangovers subside, they discover that the boyfriend's gone missing. What happened? Back home in Sydney mounting tensions come to a boiling point and information about that fateful night seeps out in flashbacks and narrative.

WHY YOU SHOULD SEE IT: It’s rare these days to see mystery unfold with such suspenseful realism, here told as much by the camera as it is by the script. As the characters return to their lives, you can feel the gravity of the anguish each is enduring—not, maybe, for the same reasons? As time goes on and the truth begins to reveal itself, the events of that fateful night could further shatter their already splintered lives. With unseen twists and turns that will keep your eyes glued to the screen and your hands over your mouth, you’ll walk away feeling as relieved to know the full truth as the fictional characters on-screen.

THE BUZZ: Receiving critical praise for its taunt, suspenseful storyline, captivating imagery and first-class performances, Wish You Were Here currently holds a score of 73% on Rotten Tomatoes. Darcy-Smith’s first feature-length picture debuted to raves at Sundance 2012 and is finally getting a U.S. release. Top critics are hailing Edgerton for his emotional performance of a man trying to hold it together in the face of mounting pressures from his pregnant wife (Price gives an equally strong performance) and the detectives working on the missing-person case.

IF YOU'RE A FAN OF...: Vague, elliptical suspense dramas like Memento or The Usual Suspects, the South Asian-vacation-turned-nightmare film Brokedown Palace or the dark fantasy drama Heavenly Creatures.


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