Sleepers to See: 'Spring Breakers' Might Feature the First Oscar-Worthy Performance of the Year

Very few of you will be able to check out Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers this weekend – BoxOfficeMojo says it’s only opening in three theaters, total. Many of you will have to wait a week, when the movie plans to expand. But whenever Breakers opens in a theater near you, put on your party hat and be sure to check it out. 
Easily the buzziest title at the South By Southwest Film Festival, Korine’s lewd, vivacious and all-around dirty girls-gone-wild drama stars a pair of former Disney “princesses” (Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens) playing bored, restless college gals who rob a greasy spoon in their sleepy town to fund an anticipated jaunt to Florida for the title’s season. 
Of course, once in the land of techno music and illegal substances, these ladies land themselves in even hotter water … leading them to cross paths with Alien (James Franco), a deranged gangster who believes the bikini-clad ladies are his soul mates. 

No matter what you have read about Spring Breakers, it’s not enough to prepare you for the madness that is Franco. His off-the-wall portrayal of the superficial, materialistic, philosophical poet gangster is worth the price of admission alone. You will be quoting his character’s memorable lines for weeks following your screening. 
Korine, meanwhile, has a few messages about the party culture that destroys impressionable lives on an annual basis during spring break. If you have children, Spring Breakers is your living nightmare. But it has enough style and violent surprises that you have to admire the neon-demonic paths down which Korine and his cast chooses to go. 

The girls are good. Franco is better. And if you can chug down a few cocktails and attend a Spring Breakers screening with some rowdy friends who will be willing to go along with all the craziness happening on the screen, that just might be for the best.      
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