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Sleepers to See: Seven Reasons to Go See 'Seven Psychopaths'

While it is getting a much wider release than Martin McDonagh's first film, In Bruges, we couldn't pass up this opportunity to urge you to go see his sophomore effort, Seven Psychopaths. Opening in just over 1,400 theaters nationwide today, you've probably seen the various posters and TV spots for the film centering on Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken and their ill-conceived dog-napping ways. But you may be asking yourself, what is this movie about? A bunch of crazy people get together and steal another crazy guy's prized pet dog? Well, yes, but there's more to it. Here are seven reasons you should check out Seven Psychopaths this weekend!

1. The dog-napping is actually one of the subplots. The main plot of the film centers on Colin Farrell's struggling, alcoholic screenwriter character as he attempts to draft a new movie. This of course opens the door for McDonagh to pen witty jabs at the movie industry and their formulaic storylines.

2. Christopher Walken deserves recognition for his performance here. It's as if the dialogue written for his character was written with Walken specifically in mind and, in true Walken fashion, he manages to elevate the material to another level. The put-your-hands-up clip is just a taste of his dead-pan performance in the film.

3. Sam Rockwell steals the movie… and that's saying something considering how good Walken is. He's been acting for over 20 years in films like The Green Mile, Charlie's Angels and Moon. Most moviegoers will probably notice him from his role in Iron Man 2 as Justin Hammer, but in Psychopaths, Rockwell creates a character so hilariously (and darkly) disturbed that you might think he really is that crazy. It is yet another enjoyable performance from a truly under-rated actor.

4. The dark humor is done perfectly. Those of you who saw In Bruges will be familiar with McDonagh's dark comedic style. Psychopaths is more of that but with a bigger budget. Woody Harrelson probably put it best in our interview with him when he said, "A lot of jokes really challenge the audience to laugh because you could just as easily gasp. Martin has this ability to have just the right amount of darkness and light."

5. When Tom Waits shows up in a movie, it's usually going to be an indie flick and it's going to often be a memorable character. That's exactly the case here, as his bunny-cuddling psycho character serves as another refreshing subplot to the film. Stay for an extra mid-credits scene involving Waits and Farrell.

6. If you're a fan of Tarantino movies, you're going to like this film. Psychos has the same sort of snappy dialogue that you find in Tarantino's films and there's plenty of gore and bloody violence. Case in point is the very first scene of the film, which opens similarly to In Bruges, with two mobsters going back and forth about one another's ability to shoot a mark in the eye. We won't spoil it for you, but the scene ends with a bang. And another bang.

7. If you're the type of movie-goer who likes to go out and see all sorts of award-contending films, Seven Psychopaths is one you should add to your list. Someone from this film is sure to get nominated, either for a Golden Globe or an Academy Award. Of course, the immediate spotlight goes on McDonagh who was nominated for an Oscar for writing In Bruges. Rockwell and Walken are also outside, dark horse award contenders.

There are certainly plenty of other reasons why you should see this movie (check out The Schmoes Know movie review) and with bigger films like Argo and Sinister (both worth checking out) opening in theaters, chances are Psychopaths may get forgotten. Don't miss this movie. It truly is one of the best comedies of the year.

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