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'Sin City 2' to Finally Begin Production With Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller Returning

My fondness for Sin City has risen and fallen over the years, but I'll never forget the first time I saw it, mainly because it was also the last time I left a movie on opening night, bought another ticket and got in line to see it again at the next possible showing. There was just something so very fresh and exciting about the world and the filmmaking style directors Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez (and to a small extent Quentin Tarantino) were playing with that college-kid me couldn't get enough of. That's also why it was so frustrating that Miller and Rodriguez were having such a hard time getting a sequel off the ground. Wasn't everyone else blown away by it, too?

Now, seven years and countless rumors later, a press release the Weinstein Company just sent out tells us that those who call the shots have finally gotten over whatever was standing in the way of a Sin City sequel- they ignore all the rumors and chalk the delay up to wanting to get it perfect.

Officially titled Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, the film will soon go into production in Austin, Texas at Troublemaker Studios, the home of the first film. The release, which you can read in full below, is quick to point out that script details are still being kept secret and that, while many of the 2005 film's cast are poised to return, casting won't actually begin until next week. But if you're familiar with Frank Miller's original Sin City graphic novels, there's plenty of source material to chew on. In fact, here's the official synopsis for the most recent paperback edition of A Dame to Kill For:

Stuck with nothing but a seedy gumshoe job and some demons, Dwight's thinking of all the ways he's screwed up and what he'd give for one clear chance to wipe the slate clean, to dig his way out of the numb gray hell that is his life. And he'd give anything. Just to feel the fire. One more time. But he can't let himself lose control again, can't ever let the monster out. And then Ava calls.

So, what say the Sin City fans out there? Are you glad that Sin City 2 is finally moving forward? What, and, more importantly, who do you want to see in it?

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