Should The Oscars Move to January?

It's another year, which means the Academy Awards must figure out a way to make themselves stand out yet again as Hollywood's premiere awards ceremony and a must-see television event. According to Deadline, one of the things they're considering is moving up the awards ceremony to January. It'd be a bold move, and not only would it place the ceremony in direct competition with other major events like the Golden Globes and the Super Bowl, but it would also shorten the campaigning season and make it so voters would have a lot less time to see films, especially the ones coming out during the holidays in late December.

Academy Awards poster

It's a decision that would make sense from the Academy's standpoint, since it would position the ceremony at a time when it could fetch higher ratings. The films of the past year are still fresh in people's minds, and more people are likely to watch. Then again, with the Golden Globes, Superbowl and the Sundance Film Festival to contend with, there may be a little too much going on in January. If the Academy wants to move the show up, I say they move it up to early February where it can be all by itself and not competing against other big events.
As an audience member, the date change doesn't really impact you all too much. Would you rather see the ceremony move up to January? Does it make a difference to you either way? Sound off below…
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