Should Indiana Jones Die in the Next Film?

Late yesterday a rumor sailed around the internet claiming Harrison Ford is actually petitioning George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to kill off his character in the next Indiana Jones movie. Since then Ford's reps have stepped forward to squash the rumor, noting that Ford never said that, but it still opens things up to an interesting discussion amongst fans.

Indiana Jones

Plus, even if Ford was asking to kill off Indiana Jones (just as he had asked Lucas to kill off Han Solo long ago during the original Star Wars trilogy), no one involved in the film would ever want you to know that since it'd be a wicked spoiler.
As of now there are no signs that any of these guys are hopping back into the ring for another Indiana Jones movie, at least not if they expect Spielberg to direct. Not only is the guy working on Tintin, and a new Abraham Lincoln film, but he's also rumored to be helming Robopcalypse at some point too. Once they do finally get around to making another one (I wouldn't expect it before 2013), do you think Indiana Jones should die? Or would it hurt fans too much to see such an iconic character perish without saving the day?
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