Should Brett Ratner Scratch Billy Crystal's Oscar Hosting Itch?

We've had seven Academy Awards since Billy Crystal last hosted the event in 2004, but he's hardly fading from our memory or our hearts. Recall, if you will, the actor's standing ovation this past February when he made a surprise appearance at the 83rd Oscars. Is it time for him to return to the Kodak stage for the lead role next year? He is our generation's Bob Hope, after all, but he's still ten ceremonies short of reaching that guy's record 18 gigs as host, so I say yes. 

And Crystal might say yes, too, if asked. New remarks from the eight-time Oscar emcee have been circulating online, via, in which he told fans at a 20th anniversary screening of City Slickers that he's "itchy" to come back (to the Academy Awards, not for City Slickers 3: The Return of Danny Robbins). Here's what he told the crowd about his break from the position and affirmation of regained interest:
"It got to be too much after a while and the sameness in my life. That's why I pulled back. And then when I thought I might want to do it again, they were on to other people. It's always fun. It's really hard, but maybe one or two more times? I don't know. They know where I am...
Of course, this isn't the first time he's mentioned he'd be interested, but it's hard to imagine a better choice, especially after the disastrous mockery made by James Franco this year. And that parody trailer for When Harry Met Sally 2 this year proved he's still got the goods for movie spoofing. Now it's just up to producers Brett Ratner and Don Mischer to decide. Ratner, who is currently busy directing Tower Heist, gave the following response to Deadline last night: "I was told by the Academy that I don't have to make a decision until mid-September." 
What do you think? Would you like to see Crystal host the 2012 Oscars? Sound off below!


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