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Seven Things We Learned from the New 'Man of Steel' 13-Minute Featurette

Seven Things We Learned from the New 'Man of Steel' 13-Minute Featurette

With two weeks to go before Man of Steel lands in theaters, Warner Bros. has dropped a new 13-minute featurette packed with cast and crew interviews and lots of new footage from the highly anticipated film. Below are highlights from the featurette.

How the film came to be:

David Goyer was working with Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight Rises and had this idea about reimagining Superman. The approach was "not a comic book Superman, but a more realistic Superman – a Superman that exists in a real world," Goyer said.

The approach to reinventing the character:

Zack Snyder says, "Let's let the audience participate in the experience of being Superman without breaking the things that make him Superman. They were able to ground him and make him feel real. The film takes place in a contemporary world.

Designing the new suit:

"First thing you got to figure out when you're making a Superman movie is what the suit is going to look like," Zack said. "The cape has to be there. You look at the suit without the cape and it's not Superman, but maybe the underwear outside the pants is something that can go," wife and producer Debroah Snyder says. (Now you Superman traditionalists know who to blame for the lack of red undies.)

"The underwear is a leftover from Victorian era strongman. I probably looked at hundreds of versions with underwear but they fell by the boards cuz I couldn't make it feel consistent with the world that we were creating," Zack said. "It's a high-tech fabric, which is a nice departure from the spandex." adds Debroah.

Clark isn't the only character to wear the "S":

The Superman "S" is said to be the second most recognizable symbol on the planet, other than the Christian cross. Jor-El and Lara also wear the "S" symbol while the council members wear various mythical lettering in their chest shields. "It's that fine line of reinventing him but still seeing him in there," Zack said.

Clark's two fathers:

"Clark is ultimately an outsider at all stages of this life," Henry Cavill says. Jor-El's teachings are about being a leader from the front and being a shining example and not hiding what it is that you are. Jonathan teaches a slightly more careful approach. He's more protective of what Clark is. "You're going to require more strength morally when you have that much strength physically," Diane Lane, who plays Martha Kent, says. Zack describes Superman as, "the most powerful and most vulnerable superhero."

Kevin Costner, who plays Jonathan Kent says, "Clark gets his DNA from another galaxy, but he gets his character from Jonathan and Martha."

Flying, super speed and the action in the movie:

"Everybody wants to fly. Who doesn't want to fly?" Costner says, ignoring those who are aviophobic and acrophobic. We see Superman fly because he can control his power and his speed. The action in the film is described as being much more physical with "high-powered action." "Superman is from another planet. He calls into question so much of what we take for granted, whether it be philosophical or physics, he has come to Earth to reminds us of ourselves," Zack says.

A new take on Lois Lane:

"Lois has always been a strong female character, the difference is our Lois is a lot more proactive," Debroah says. "She's doing everything she can to understand this character who could save her world."

Man of Steel arrives in theaters June 14. Tickets are currently on sale.


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