Seth Rogen's 'Green Hornet' Searching for New Kato

I was pretty blown away the other day by just how skinny Seth Rogen had become in advance of playing the title role in The Green Hornet. To see what I mean, head on over here to check out a behind-the-scenes video of him on the set of that new sci-fi flick Paul, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as two geeky Brits who stumble upon a real-life alien (played by Rogen) while snooping around Area 51. That's another film you should check out when it hits theaters next year, but in the meantime we're here to talk about the flick Rogen lost all that weight for.

Those familiar with the Green Hornet will know that he comes with a sidekick named Kato, who, originally, was supposed to be played by Stephen Chow (who was also tapped to direct). Chow, however, found himself involved in another film and subsequently dropped the Green Hornet directing gig, as well as his role as Kato – leaving producers searching for a new sidekick.

According to a casting call posted over at SpoilerTV, those involved with the film are now looking for the following: "[KATO] ALL ASIAN ETHNICITIES, Male, 20's - early 40's. Brit Reid's manservant/chauffeur by day and Green Hornet's martial arts-skilled sidekick by night. Actor doesn't have to have Martial Arts experience."

I think it's a little odd that they don't want martial arts experience, especially since the role calls for some (I think), but that's what training and preparation is for, right? Folks are already calling on Jackie Chan or Jet Li, but surely there are other Asian actors out there capable of filling in the gap left by Chow.

Who would you nominate for the role?

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