Set Visit Preview: 'Jack Ryan' Returns! Chris Pine, Kevin Costner Talk Tom Clancy Reboot

 We'll have a longer set visit report coming soon, but for now, here's a quick preview of what we learned from the cast of Jack Ryan recently in London where the movie is being filmed. Stay tuned!

Chris Pine wonders aloud where Jack Ryan, whom he's about to play on screen, fits into Hollywood's current action-hero landscape.

The Star Trek star is sitting across a table in The White Horse Pub, a tavern nestled in the heart of London's Financial District that has been transformed – temporarily – into the on-set production office for Jack Ryan. It's Day 30 of a planned 46-day shoot, and the handsome lead breaks from filming a scene to meet with a small cache of film journalists to discuss Jack Ryan and his approach to this classic screen character.

 "Bourne has his body. He's physically adept at kicking [butt]," Pine says. "Bond looks great doing it. He's brooding and complicated, but he wears a suit well and drives great cars. I think the challenge with Jack Ryan is, how do you make his smarts dynamic? His weapon is his brain. He thinks and moves with his mind faster than other people."

In an attempt to move the franchise forward, Jack Ryan will hit the rewind button. The new film is a reboot of the best-selling Tom Clancy spy series, with Pine playing the covert CIA operative during an early stage of his career. The Red October has yet to be hunted. Harrison Ford's Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger are things of the future … er, the past. Trust me, it will make sense when the movie opens on Dec. 25, 2013.

Pine will be joined in Jack Ryan by a trio of movie-star powerhouses. Keira Knightley assumes the role of Ryan's wife, Cathy. Kevin Costner has been cast as William Harper, Ryan's mentor at the CIA. And Kenneth Branagh double dips as the film's director, as well as Ryan's chief antagonist, Viktor Cherevin.

Costner eventually joins us at the White Horse, exuding leading-man charm as he recounts his connections to the Tom Clancy series and reveals he was offered the Jack Ryan series once.

"I had already postponed Dances With Wolves for one year. I had a chance to do Red October, but I had already assembled my crew and put my money in [Dances]. And then they offered me an awful lot of money – more than I'd ever seen – to do Hunt for Red October. And I said, 'No doesn't mean more. It's just no.'" 

Branagh calls his villain Cherevin a representative of Russia's "new empire" in a post-Glasnost world, who conflicts directly with Pine and the "old empire" mentality of America.

"This fellow, Cherevin, is a very powerful guy with a particular grudge that he wants to do something about. And he has the imagination to go with it and to take on America, the CIA and Jack Ryan, all at once. All of those clashes, I think, make for – I hope – good drama."

We shall see, when Jack Ryan opens in theaters on Dec. 25, 2013. We'll have plenty more from Pine, Costner, Branagh and the producers of the long-running series as we get closer to the film's anticipated release date, so keep it locked to Fandango.

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