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Sequels We'd Like to See Most

Sequels We'd Like to See Most

With the upcoming sequels for Despicable Me (Despicable Me 2) and Monster’s Inc. (Monster’s University), along with the spin-off to Cars (Planes), set to hit theaters this summer, it’s clear that returning to familiar characters and worlds that we love often makes an audience happy. Even Nemo will be swimming back into theaters in 2015. Judging by the success of previous franchises, such as Toy Story and Ice Age, once a cast is in our hearts – there is no end to the possibilities.

It’s hard to believe, but there are still a few family movies filled with charm, character and fun that have yet to bring a sequel to the screen. Here are a few of those movies that we feel have real sequel potential.

1. Rio

Filled with stunning colors, electrifying music and a charming cast of characters, Rio was one of our favorite movies of 2011. Fun for all ages, it’s hard to believe we haven’t seen Rio fly back into theaters as of yet – and in fact there is a sequel planned for release in 2014, April 11 to be exact.

2. The Incredibles

This animated action-packed family came at us in 2004 with a bang, and they brought some of the coolest spy gadgets with them. You know the saying “the couple that saves the world together, stays together,” right? Okay, maybe it’s not a saying – but we sure would love an update on this super- powered family, beyond director Brad Bird's vague answers about it when asked.  []

3. Jumanji

In 1995, the fantasy-adventure film about a supernatural board game trampled our imagination when a couple of kids brought the jungle into a suburban neighborhood, literally. Certainly this board game – and all that comes with it – must be found again, in the reboot that's supposedly coming our way in 2015/16.

Even if the above movies never find their way to a sequel, there are plenty of others on the way. This upcoming summer is sure to be an exciting one for any movie fan.


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