Sequel News: 'Clash of the Titans,' 'How to Train Your Dragon' and More!

Perhaps not all of you were desperately anticipating these sequels, but I'm pretty positive this news will make at least some of you very happy. First off, DreamWorks has officially announced a sequel to How to Train Your Dragon during their earnings call yesterday, saying that it'll drop into theaters in 2013. They also referred to this as a franchise, so I wouldn't be surprised if a third installment finds its way to theaters too. Seeing as How to Train Your Dragon has been getting very high marks from both audiences and critics, I don't think this sequel will find a lot of objections. However…

'How to Train Your Dragon'

… also on the agenda, according to Deadline, are sequels for both Clash of the Titans and Journey to the Center of the Earth – the latter of which actually featured some pretty cool 3D, while the former was harshly criticized for rushing their conversion over to 3D with only a couple months till release. Legendary Pictures would like to see the Titans sequel arrive in theaters as early as spring 2012, and New Line (along with Walden Media) have plans to drop a Journey sequel into theaters by the fall of 2011.
Sam Worthington will return for the Titans sequel (one imagines he signed onto a three-film deal at the start), but Louis Leterrier will not return as director (he'll remain on as a producer, though). Journey 2 is a little uncertain since the studio may want to go at it without Eric Brevig (who directed the first one), though star Brendan Fraser may want to remain loyal to Brevig and opt out of reprising the lead role should they change directors. Brevig is busy shooting a Yogi Bear movie and won't be available to work on this in conjunction with the studio's requested timeline.
So, while that's still up in the air, which of these sequels are you most excited to see?
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