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See Awesome Concept Art from 'Godzilla,' 'Captain America' and More

Prior to production on a movie there are teams of designers who work tirelessly on the concept art, churning out various looks for a character, a scene or a world. Much of this art isn't revealed to the public, or if it is it's published in behind-the-scenes books or buried deep within the special features of a DVD or Blu-ray. Lucky for you, we dug up these awesome alternative looks for some recent big-screen characters for you to scope out and decide which version you like better: the one in the movie or the one they didn't use.


First up, here are some sweet alternate designs for this year's most popular monster, Godzilla. These images are from the book Godzilla: The Art of Destruction and not only do they reveal different versions of Godzilla, but director Gareth Edwards also comments on their approach with each one. [via Business Insider]



Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Arguably one of the best movies Marvel Studios has ever put out, Captain America's second solo adventure was a blast for fans, especially because it included a wicked villain in the Winter Soldier and a cool new sidekick named Falcon, played by the insanely charismatic Anthony Mackie. Here's some early concept art detailing different looks for both. [via CBM]


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

While we anticipate the arrival of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies on December 17let's take a look at one of the characters who made the previous Hobbit film so memorable: the dragon Smaug. He'll most certainly be back in the finale, and as we ready for his triumphant return, here are some early designs for one of the coolest and baddest dragons ever put on film. [via Geek Tyrant]


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