Scorsese Screens 'Hugo,' Reveals He's a Huge Fan of 3D

During a special screening at L.A. Live this past Saturday, director Martin Scorsese presented a special screening of his upcoming family adventure Hugo. Following the screening, the director was joined by editor Thelma Schoonmaker, production designer Dante Ferretti, composer Howard Shore, cinematographer Robert Richardson and special effects lead Rob Legato in a Q&A session moderated by director Paul Thomas Anderson.

During the hour-long conversation, Scorsese talked in depth about the use of 3D, calling the whole process of making Hugo an, "enjoyable headache." The director revealed that he is a huge fan of the technology and said that the way the technology is evolving, he expects the industry will eventually moving toward holograms.
While that may be a bit far-fetched (for now), Scorsese also spent a considerable amount of time talking about the works of French filmmaker George Melies, whose films play an important role in the movie.
While we can't reveal much due to a studio imposed embargo, we can say that the use of 3D is extraordinary with the film maestro tinkering with the new cameras to try new shots.
"It's fun in that we're back to square one. We just kept pushing it to see how far we could go. 3D is one of those things that's exciting but it demands respect. We would look at a shot and say, ' What could we do to use the depth?'"
Hugo stars Asa Butterfield, Chloe Moretz, Ben Kingsley and Sacha Baron Cohen and arrives in theaters November 23.


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