Scoop This: Zach Braff to Direct 'Swingles', Rosario Dawson Joins 'The Zookeeper' and President Obama Reviews 'Star Trek'

Zach Braff seemed like a pretty hot name a couple years ago, when he wrote, directed and starred in the quirky-but-lovable Garden State, then followed that up with a starring role in The Last Kiss. Then the guy went back to finishing up Scrubs, and now Variety tells us he’s ready to return to the romantic comedy with Swingles.

Braff is in talks to direct, co-star and re-write the script for Swingles, which already stars Cameron Diaz. The film follows a guy who’s dumped by his wing man, forcing him to team up with a sharp-tongued woman he can’t stand in order to meet other singles. Wonder what eventually happens between those two? (If you answered "They go to Ikea to jump around on furniture during a musical montage," then you may be half right.)

Any Zach Braff fans still out there? Are you itching for his return to the big screen?

Rosario Dawson Joins Kevin James in 'The Zookeeper'

We all love to go to the zoo, but what if the animals doled out dating advice instead of cute, freak-ish stares? That’s exactly what happens in The Zookeeper, which stars Kevin James (Paul Blart: Mall Cop) as a zookeeper whose animals help train him on the proper way to land the woman of his dreams. That woman, we imagine, is Rosario Dawson (who just signed on to co-star) -- and if I were her, I might stay away from the guy who’s getting his advice from a bunch of animals. But that’s me -- maybe you like a guy (or girl) with animal instinct. Zing!

The Zookeeper (which is live action, not animated) is supposed to begin production later this summer, with a release planned for July 23, 2010. What other random jobs should Kevin James play in a movie? There was fireman (I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry), mall cop (Paul Blart) and now zookeeper. High School janitor? Hot dog street vendor? Go on, give us your suggestions …

President Obama Reviews 'Star Trek'

Lots of folks have been comparing President Obama to Star Trek's Spock these past few weeks, partly because the two have some stuff in common. They’re both smart, logical and like to get the job done without letting emotions get in the way (although, if you saw Star Trek, you know Spock had a problem with that last one). Nevertheless, President Obama checked out the film and here’s what he told Newsweek:

"Star Trek, we saw this weekend, which I thought was good. Everybody was saying I was Spock, so I figured I should check it out. I used to love Star Trek. You know, Star Trek was ahead of its time. There was a whole—the special effects weren’t real good, but the storylines were always evocative, you know, there was a little commentary and a little pop philosophy for a 10-year-old to absorb."

So I guess that counts as a thumbs up…whaddya think?

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