Scoop This: ‘Jetsons’ Movie News, Michael Bay Becomes an M&M and Watch Movies for Free Before They Hit DVD

Yes, I too did a double take when it was first announced that Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) would be directing a live-action Jetsons movie based on the popular cartoon from the 60s about the misadventures of a family from the future. Lots of time has gone by since we last tried to pretend this entire project was a figment of our imaginations, but it’s now come roaring back into movie news land due to an interview with Rodriguez over on MTV.

According to the writer-director, he’s still doing some work on the script and hopes to begin shooting next year in order to make the planned 2012 release date. There’s no one onboard yet to play those classic Jetson characters, like George, Jane, Judy, Elroy and Rosey the Robot, though Cinematical does suggest some names like Steve Carell (as George), Reese Witherspoon (as Jane), Hayden Panettiere (as Judy) and so on.

Who would you cast in a live-action Jetsons movie?

Michael Bay Becomes the M&M You Won’t Want to Eat

If you’re a huge fan of M&M’s and you’ve been searching your entire life for one that’s purple, unshaven, wears a dusty old Transformers hat and screams into a megaphone, then I have some awesome news for you: It exists! Well, it exists in the form of a marketing package launching a new flavor of M&M’s in conjunction with the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The flavor is called Strawberries Peanut Butter (whatever that’s supposed to taste like), and unfortunately the actual M&M’s don’t look or taste like Michael Bay. (Though something tells me none of you actually want to know what Michael Bay tastes like. For argument’s sake, I’m gonna have to say … spicy chicken?)

What’s Epix and How Do I Watch Movies For Free Before They Hit DVD?

Epix is a new service that’s being launched by Lionsgate, Paramount and MGM where supposedly the home viewer (that’s you) will be able to watch new films before they’re released on DVD or Blu-ray without commercial interruption and without paying for them. Sounds like a sweet plan, right? Sign me up!

Problem is the studios first have to sell this service to your local cable company, who would have to agree to give subscribers the channel for free. As far as streaming these films online, which is another feature of Epix, that’s all fine and dandy except you have to already have internet access through your cable company. So there are definitely some hoops to jump through, but anything having to do with watching new movies for free should motivate some to find a way to get Epix into their own home. Read more about Epix over here.

Would you be interested in Epix?

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