Scoop This: Javier Bardem in James Bond, ‘Die Hard 5’ and John Barry Passes Away

Javier Bardem Offered Major Role in James Bond

Javier BardemNewsflash: Javier Bardem is being offered every major open role in Hollywood! Okay, not every single role, but in the past week we’ve heard his name mentioned for a variety of big roles, like the lead in The Dark Tower adaptation, or the God of War in that Clash of the Titans sequel. Now, Deadline claims the actor has been offered a major role in Bond 23, due in theaters on November 9th, 2012.
There’s no word on what the role is, though considering the history of the James Bond franchise and the way they pick their roles, the next big-name star to be cast (who isn’t female) is usually the villain or one of the villains. And considering Bardem hasn’t played a badass villain since he won an Oscar for doing so in No Country for Old Men, it makes sense that Bond producers would want to use that to their advantage and once again transform the actor into a character we desperately fear.
Would you want Bardem to play a Bond villain?
Die Hard 5 to Bring Back a Hans Gruber Relative
Though no one is coming out and admitting that Die Hard 5 is officially in the works, rumors have been flying around online that a script is being written and they’re working off the title Die Hard 24/7. There’s a chance we’ll see Bruce Willis hand the Die Hard torch off to a younger action star in the film so that the franchise can continue and reboot, and the biggest rumor right now is that the villain will be another Gruber relative.
Alan Rickman turned the original Die Hard villain, Hans Gruber, into one of the most iconic villains of all time, and the franchise attempted to build on that by introducing another Gruber relative in Jeremy Irons for Die Hard 3. It worked for that specific storyline, but introducing yet a third Gruber relative could become kind of comical at this point. What do you think?
Composer John Barry Passes Away
Sad news from Hollywood today as composer John Barry has passed away. Most notably known for his work with the James Bond franchise, Barry also composed scored for films like Midnight Cowboy, Peggy Sue Got Married, The Cotton Club, Dances with Wolves, Born Free and The Lion in Winter, the last three of which earned him Oscars.
Barry easily stands alongside other composers like Ennio Morricone, Henry Mancini, John Williams and Michael Giacchino as one of the best there ever was. Check out a little sample of his work below. He will be missed.

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