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Scary Pics: 'Devil's Due,' 'Here Comes the Devil,' 'Raw Cut' and More Diabolical Posters

Devil's Due

In Devil's Due, a newlywed couple (Zach Gilford and Allison Miller) enjoy their honeymoon and then return home to await the birth of their first child. But the pregnancy does not go as planned, and it becomes apparent that… well, we don't want to give too much away, but the first poster (and the title) gives some idea where things are headed. The movie will open in theaters on January 17, 2014. [USA Today]

Devil's Due

We saw the extremely bizarre, deranged horror picture Here Comes the Devil on the festival circuit, and we can assure you that it's about as far as you can get from a routine thriller. As accurately represented by the retro-style poster below, two kids go missing from their parents, and when they are found, they are very different children. Has something happened to their souls? Look for this in theaters and via Video On Demand platforms on December 13. [Ain't It Cool News]

Here Comes the Devil

Set to enjoy its world premiere at the La Femme Film Festival in Los Angeles tonight (Friday, October 18), Raw Cut "explores the meta world between found footage and reality," as two couples on a week-long vacation get to know each other -- and the far side of horror -- much better than they could have imagined. The poster sticks to slasher-movie essentials: knife, woman in peril and blood. [Dread Central]

Raw Cut

Combining the retro style and slasher basics of the two posters immediately above, as well as a title that sounds awfully familiar, the poster for Hitchhiker Massacre looks quite appealing. The movie adds secret cannibalism to its grisly horror stew; Fangoria also has the trailer, which is presented in classic grindhouse fashion (i.e. scratches on the print and wocka-wocka music on the soundtrack), so head over there if you have a stomach for more explicitly violent fare. [Fangoria]

Hitchhiker Massacre

Blimey, mate! Wolf Creek 2, a sequel to Greg Mclean's outback scarefest Wolf Creek, is on its way to Australian theaters next March. While we wait for word on a U.S. release, we can stare at this very restrained poster, which is barely suggestive of the horrors that we assume lie within the movie itself, and wonder about the Australian sense of humor that produced it. Maclean directed once again, and brought back screen legend John Jarratt, too. [Bloody Disgusting]

Wolf Creek 2

Finally, two concept-art posters for a proposed adaptation of Stephen King's Cell have been released. The film is currently in preproduction, with John Cusack set to star, so the posters are in no way final, but they represent the mood that the filmmakers are seeking to create. The second one is particularly effective. [Arrow in the Head]






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