Sam Raimi to Help Produce the Next 'District 9'

Could the next District 9 come from Spider-Man director Sam Raimi? Well, actually, it won't directly come from Sam Raimi, but the director behind the Spider-Man franchise and Drag Me to Hell will be producing a new film from an unknown director whose short film has made waves online.

Those familiar with the story behind District 9 will see similarities here. Whereas Peter Jackson mentored the young, talented Neill Blomkamp (who was known mainly for his short film Alive from Joburg, which District 9 was based on), Sam Raimi will be doing the same sort of thing with a Uruguayan director named Federico Alvarez. The short in question this time around is called Panic Attack!, and it follows a city that's being destroyed by giant robots.
It's not all official yet, as these reports are coming from the Uruguayan newspaper El Paris, but if it's indeed true it'll be interesting to see this all come to be. Sources claim the budget for what we assume will be a giant robot movie (though we're not sure it will have anything to do with the short) will be around $30-40 million, which is about what District 9 cost.
Watch the short below and let us know what you think. Would you want to see a feature film about these robots, or are we sick and tired of killer robots by now?


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