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Russell Crowe Responds to Adam Lambert's 'Les Miserables' Criticisms

Everyone’s a critic. Yet, when someone with the vocal prowess of pop sensation Adam Lambert weighs in on a musical like Les Miserables, people tend to listen. 
In a series of critical Tweets, Lambert recently claimed that Tom Hooper’s screen adaptation of the stage hit was “visually impressive with great Emotional performances,” but lashed out at the “great actors PRETENDING to be singers.” 
“I felt like I should ignore the vocals and focus on the emotional subtext -- but the singing was so distracting at times it pulled me out,” Lambert continued. “The industry will say ‘These actors were so brave to attempt singing this score live.’ But why not cast actors who could actually sound good?”
One of the people listening to Lambert’s tweets was Russell Crowe, who plays Inspector Javert in Hooper’s movie. And his response, shared through The Hollywood Reporter, was a bit of a surprise. 
“I don’t disagree with Adam," Crowe said. "Sure [the vocals] could have been sweetened, [but director] Tom Hooper wanted it raw and real, that’s how it is."
Many of you saw Les Miserables over the holidays. Heading into the new year, the movie had earned nearly $70 million in the States, and was expected to perform well overseas. So tell us, which side of the argument do you fall on? Did the realism of the cast singing inspire you? Or would you, like Lambert, have preferred polished studio versions of the hit Broadway songs? 

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