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Rumor: 'Justice League' May Have Found Its Villain

Yesterday evening, a revelation from Latino Review shook the comic book movie world to its core. The site states that the villain in Warner Bros.' proposed superhero flick, Justice League, is none other than Darkseid!

Now granted, a Justice League movie has not yet been green lit, nor have actors or a director been assigned but it appears like WB is swinging for the fences with their first mash-up.

Darkseid is akin to Thanos from the Marvel Universe – a god whose unparalleled strength and invulnerability can only be challenged by the likes of Superman, Orion and supervillain Doomsday, which begs the question of how the rest of the Justice League would fare against him.

WB will be watching the box office for Man of Steel very closely to see if Justice League should be green lit. Until then, prepare for a continuing onslaught of rumors about who's starring in the film, who's directing and who will our DC heroes face off against. WB has not commented on the latest villain rumor, though the Latino Review folks have been pretty accurate with previous reveals involving Marvel Studios productions.

For now, do you think Darkseid is the right villain for the Justice League movie? Will the Justice League movie ever get green lit?

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