'Roger Rabbit' Sequel Heading Our Way!

Though he's been teasing it for months, Robert Zemeckis has finally admitted that writers are currently working on the script for a Roger Rabbit sequel. According to an interview over at MTV, Zemeckis said that the script is being written right now by the original Roger Rabbit writers, Peter S. Seaman and Jeffrey Price.

Unfortunately that's all we've got right now, though it's probably enough to have fans of the 1988 movie (myself included) salivating at the mouth in anticipation of what could be the most buzzed-about animated sequel of all time. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? dazzled audiences when it first came out because it featured animated characters interacting with live-action characters in a way that had never really been done before on the big screen.

Of course, since then, we've seen the emergence of CG characters and now motion-capture characters (technology that Zemeckis has been sort of pioneering ever since debuting The Polar Express). So how does a 2D animated character like Roger Rabbit fit in amongst the 3D motion-captured characters of Zemeckis' latest films? Well, perhaps that'll be part of the story for Roger Rabbit 2 – and maybe it will follow a bunch of 2D animated characters that are afraid their world is crumbling around them now that CG characters rule the day.

At least that's the kind of sequel I'd be interested in seeing. What about you?

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