Robots Everywhere: Mech-Warrior Matt Damon in Extended 'Elysium' Trailer; Guillermo del Toro Talks 'Pacific Rim' Robots

The summer movie season is not only being dominated by superheroes, but robots as well. We've already seen the massive box office Iron Man 3 has hauled in.

July 12 brings Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim into theaters and while we're likely to see some sort of promotion going on at Comic-Con the following week, the film has begun dropping behind-the-scenes featurettes to get fans psyched up.

Del Toro talks specifically about the process of creating the robots, saying that his goal was to not reference any previous work of fiction. Take a look at the development process below:

Next, Yahoo Movies revealed an extended trailer for Elysium. Unlike the first trailer, this extended look gives us a better idea of the conflict facing Matt Damon. We see a stronger sense of humor and humanity in this latest trailer that has been missing not only from previous Elysium trailers, but this year's slate of sci-fi films, namely Oblivion and After Earth.

Elysium will be a likely participant at Comic-Con as it looks to drum up interest for its busy August 9 release date which features competition from the latest Percy Jackson movie, Disney's Planes and the R-rated Jennifer Aniston comedy We're the Millers.

Take a look at the extended trailer for Elysium and share your thoughts on this latest look below.

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