'RoboCop' Set to Be PG-13;  Jamie Foxx Reveals Electro's Madness

'RoboCop' Set to Be PG-13; Jamie Foxx Reveals Electro's Madness

The cast of RoboCop and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 met with journalists on Friday during a Sony press conference moments before hitting up Hall H. Here are some of the best quotes from Jose Padilha, Michael Keaton, Jamie Foxx, Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield and Dan DeHaan.

Director Jose Padilha reveals rating for RoboCop: "We were shooting the movie to be seen by the broadest possible audience, which means PG-13. This whole idea about RoboCop has to be R because the first one was amazingly violent… I never really bought into that. You know, The Dark Knight was PG-13, so you can get away with a lot."

Padilha on how his RoboCop version is different from the original: "We go a little further with Alex Murphy; we get to spend more time with Alex at work as an undercover cop and as a family man. And then that's the question: is he now a property? Is he owned by OmniCorp? He needs to be plugged in, he is dependant. The corporation has made him very powerful but at the same time very vulnerable. There's continuous interaction with his family after he becomes RoboCop, and that's not easy when you try to embrace your son and your wife when you just have a robotic body and you can't feel them. So it's about how it feels to be a robot as opposed to being a human."

Michael Keaton on the moral concepts in RoboCop: "It's a hugely entertaining film, while underneath it's discussing relevant ideas, but not to the degree that your brain will hurt going home. When there's smart added to the fun, it just ratchets things up exponentially. There's a moral aspect to these robots, and I think that issue is underlying it."

Jamie Fox on Electro's journey: "With Max, we wanted to have three things happen. We wanted him to be betrayed by love, he needed to be betrayed by family, and he needed to be betrayed by his work. We came up with the fact that as Max Dillon, it’s his birthday and even his mom doesn’t remember his birthday. See how you feel? Awe, right? But that sets it up, the fact that he says, ‘Mom, it’s a very special day to me. Is there anything you want to say to me?’ ‘I don’t want to say anything to you.’ It sets it up that when Max Dillon does turn into Electro, there’s a little bit of you saying ‘I understand where he’s coming from.’ So it wasn’t disturbing but it’s great to see that journey and the fact that we gave it more than one side."

Producer Avi Arad and director Marc Webb on Shailene Woodley's departure: "We miss Shailene, I know you all understand that the story got two big to have two girls. We always get complaints that there’s too much of this, too much of that. So we thought it was the right thing to wait for it. The next movie will be in three years, we love this girl, and time will tell." -Arad

"We haven’t crossed that bridge, we have to finish this movie first." -Webb

Andrew Garfield on reprising Spider-Man: "What I discovered on this one is that Peter's a mess, Spider-Man's a mess, but when we meet Spider-Man at the beginning of this film he's taking great pleasure in his power and is in full control of it. A bit like Usain Bolt before he runs the 100 meter, his preparation is play. Spider-Man now has the confidence to be heroic, but it's not boring; he has the ability to be heroic while also making fun. This time they created a story that didn't just rest on Spider-Man's shoulders; it's a real ensemble. I got a little more rest this time."


Garfield on his new costume: "The eyes are much bigger and better. It's still as tight, but I was able to urinate in this one more easily. I loved the first one, I did, but it's mostly the ability to urinate that I'm happy about."

Dane DeHaan on his character's bromance with Peter Parker: "In this version Peter and Harry were childhood friends, and then Harry was sent off to a boarding school at a young age. He has a complicated relationship with Norman and never really went home. He ignored his home life, stayed at school and partied and got into things he shouldn't have got into. He tried to buy his way into happiness with his trust fund. Now he's graduated and home for the first time and seeing Peter for the first time, and they have to reconcile their relationship. I think what binds them is their complicated relationships with their fathers."

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