Robert Zemeckis May Direct a 'Wizard of Oz' Remake

With several Wizard of Oz movies currently in different stages of production – with the Sam Raimi-directed Oz prequel starring Robert Downey Jr. getting the most press as of late – it's hard to truly get excited about any of them because it feels like every day we're introduced to yet another new Oz-related project. The latest, as reported by Deadline, is said to be a live-action remake that reportedly wants to use the original 1939 script as its source.

'Wizard of Oz'

So, finally, an actual Wizard of Oz film that's close to the one we all know and love. But is that a good thing? Well, for starters, Deadline says Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit) is in early talks with Warner Bros. to direct what they're officially calling a remake. And, as someone who's very familiar with delivering fantastical family-friendly entertainment, you really can't go wrong with Zemeckis.
Thing is, with a film as beloved and iconic as The Wizard of Oz, would a straight remake even work since it would have so much to live up to? Would all the CG effects needed for a contemporary remake take away from the practical effects we fell in love with long ago?
What do you think about this? Are we far enough removed from The Wizard of Oz to embrace a remake? Or would you rather see them go off in a different direction?
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