Robert Pattinson Is NOT Playing Kurt Cobain

There's a huge nasty rumor sweeping across the web today, and it seems a lot of fans don't know what to believe. Well, we here at Fandango want to set the record straight, so at least our loyal readers will know what the real deal is…and everyone else can just think whatever. Twi-hards and Nirvana fans alike went a little overboard earlier today when a report from Britain's The Sun claimed Robert Pattinson was cast as Kurt Cobain in a biopic about the rock legend's life.

Kurt Cobain and Robert Pattinson

They said that Pattinson was Courtney Love's choice, and that Love – who was married to Cobain and has been championing a biopic for some time – also wanted Scarlett Johansson to play herself, not to mention get David Fincher (Fight Club) to direct. It all sounded a little too absurd to be true, and we're here to tell you that it is, in fact, not true.
Love's own manager went on record with Spin saying that this is the first he's heard of it, and that not only did The Sun blatantly make the story up, but they also got a whole ton of facts wrong in the process. "That's an amazing story, and the first I've heard of any of this," said Jonathan Daniel about The Sun's report. "They manage to fit pretty much everyone in Hollywood into an article without one fact check and include a 'My First Photoshop' job as a 'mock up' to boot!"
Daniel claims Love likes Scarlett Johansson, so there may be truth to her wanting the actress to play her on screen, though he also claims that she might not even know who R-Patz is…though I'm not sure there's a living, breathing female who doesn't know who R-Patz is at this point, especially one involved in the entertainment industry.
So, for the time being, you should chalk this one up as another wild rumor that's completely false. Should be interesting, though, when they finally do cast Kurt Cobain. Who do you think should play the rocker: Pattinson or someone else?
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