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Ricky Gervais Invited to Host The Golden Globes Again?

Either the Hollywood Foreign Press is a glutton for punishment or they just love the kind of TV ratings that Ricky Gervais can pull when hosting. While most likely motivated by the latter, Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Aida Takla-O'Reilly and NBC's Head of Specials were seen dining at the Chez Benoit restaurant in Paris, sparking rumors that the British comedian would be hosting the Golden Globes for a third time.

Gervais sparked outrage for some of his jokes during this year's Globes, taking shots at Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp for The Tourist, Tom Cruise and John Travolta for their Scientology beliefs and Robert Downey Jr. for his history of substance abuse. Toward the end of the program, the audience inside the Beverly Hills Hotel grew uneasy and some of the guests spoke out against Gervais.
Social media exploded with comments about various actors being offended by Gervais' jokes, prompting the comic to defiantly retort, "This year, I went about right. If anyone was offended, then I don't care."
HFPA President Philip Berk's commented that Gervais had "definitely crossed a line," and that "some things were unacceptable," leading many to believe that Gervais would not be offered the hosting gig again. Not that he was particularly clamoring to jump back on stage again, saying, "If the organizers asked me to consider a third year, I don't think I should."
The days that followed found Gervais defending his performance. "Why do people have to embellish? They're allowed to say they hated it. They're allowed to say they didn't find it funny, that it was tasteless, over the top, or whatever. But why do they speculate and make stuff up?"
In September, Gervais caused a stir on his website, proposing a 3-hour webcast with "a few chums" – chums like Louis C.K., Chris Rock, John Stewart, Karl Pilkington and Larry David – who would provide, "alternative commentary," to the awards show. Unfortunately, this plan never got past the idea stage.
Hindsight being 20/20 and all, the clock is ticking on finding a host for the 69th rendition and no one has been named as of yet. The Golden Globes are scheduled for January 15, 2012.
Would you like to see Gervais host for a third time or should someone else take over? Vote in our poll below and sound off on why you think he should or shouldn't host in the comments section.
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