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'Red 2' Producer Talks Plot, Bruce Willis' Character, Describes Film as 'International Road Trip Movie'

Red 2 is currently in production and has about a month left before filming concludes. Collider managed to snag an interview with producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura on the set of the sequel.

We learn first off, that the film will pick up six to nine months after the conclusion of the 2010 action-comedy and will find Bruce Willis' character having difficulty being in a relationship with Mary-Louise Parker's Sarah.

"The logic of it was, the first movie we looked at Frank, Bruce Willis’s character, the story of a guy who is desperately trying to fit in to a world of retirement that he just doesn’t really belong in, right? It just doesn’t come naturally to him; he doesn’t really know how to do it, of course then the Mary-Louise Parker character comes into his life.  So in this movie we thought what would be really fun is to see a guy who doesn’t really know how to have a relationship, let’s see what would happen."

The film takes place in the U.S., Moscow, Paris and London, with DiBonaventura calling it "an international road trip movie."

"We were trying to find a bigger experience for the audience, which I think in Red is interesting because we have such a big cast that part of doing that is who else is going to be in the movie, and part of it also, first movie is a bit of a travelogue.  So we thought that’s sort of a part of the heritage of the series now, in our minds anyhow.  So we did travel around the United States, let’s go elsewhere. In Red 2 we go to Paris, we go to Moscow, we go to London.  We do some United States, Washington D.C. and a few other places as well, but it’s really sort of an international road trip movie, if you would."

The plot will involve the characters from the first film being linked to a mysterious thing called "Nightshade" that gets posted on WikiLeaks that puts them and their loved ones in danger.

"Without spoiling too much of it, something has been leaked on WikiLeaks and it has pulled Frank and Marvin in to it, and they’ve been identified with this thing and they don’t know what the hell it is, so they got to figure out what is this thing called Nightshade and why are we linked? And whatever it is we’ve got to figure out what it is because they’re going to keep coming after us and everybody we love if we can’t figure out what it is, because everybody’s trying to find this thing Nightshade.  And so they believe these guys know her [Mary-Louise Parker's Sarah] and they don’t even know what the hell they are talking about.  So they’ve got to puzzle out what it is."

Red 2 is slated to arrive in theaters August 2, 2013.


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