Quick Hits: Megan Fox May Slay Vampires, Shia LaBeouf Won't Be the Last Man, The Rock Goes 'Commando' and More!

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Megan Fox, the Vampire Slayer – Not much time is being wasted when it comes to rumors surrounding that planned Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, which will apparently reboot the character and have nothing to do with the TV series. Guess whose name popped up first: Yup, Megan Fox. No word on whether there’s any truth to this, so we’ll chalk it up as some fanboy wishing upon a star. [CineFools]

The Last Man Is Not Shia LaBeouf – Though the actor had been rumored to star in a Y: The Last Man big-screen adaptation (from the popular comic) for some time now, he told Wizard Magazine that his role in Transformers too closely resembles the role of Yorick in Last Man, and, as such, he’s not really interested. Potential replacements include any young male actor who can sell movie tickets. [SuperheroHype]

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Goes Commando There’s been no official word as of yet, though several sites are reporting that a new Commando movie is in the works with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson potentially starring. Works for me – it’s about time The Rock returns to cookin’ up some fun action scenes instead of boring family fare. We’ll wait to see how this one plays out. [CineFools]

No Alien Prequel Without Ridley Scott – Remember that Alien prequel we told you all about? Yeah, well now 20th Century Fox doesn’t seem so interested in the project if original Alien director Ridley Scott won’t take control behind the camera. Scott was originally onboard as producer, with his protégé (and commercial director) Carl Rinsch in the director’s chair – but now the studio is getting cold feet and wants the more established name in control. And who can blame them, right? [Entertainment Weekly]


Evan Rachel Wood Is Mary Jane – According to an interview with Moviefone, Evan Rachel Wood has officially confirmed that she will play Mary Jane in the Broadway musical Spider-Man: The Musical, which hits the stage in New York City on February 18, 2010. But who’s playing the webbed guy himself? That we do not know. [Moviefone]

The New Lita Ford – According to MTV, actress Alessandra Torresani will play Lita Ford in a big-screen biopic about the band The Runaways, with Twilight star Kristen Stewart (Joan Jett), Dakota Fanning (Cherie Curry) and Stella Maeve (Sandy West) rounding out the cast. If nothing else, this flick should rock. [MTV]

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