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'Prometheus' After-Party: What Are Your Answers to the Film's Biggest Questions?

Now that Prometheus is in theaters, the major questions raised by Sir Ridley Scott’s mysterious sci-fi thriller … well, have only led to more questions. Does that mean Scott and screenwriter Damon Lindelof have delivered worthy sci-fi? Or are you frustrated by the ambiguity of Prometheus and disappointed that the finished film didn’t have more answers? 
On Monday, as we sift through the reactions streaming in regarding the film, audiences appear to be split right down the middle. Those looking for heady, intellectual discussion savored the big topics broached by Scott’s film. Others found his themes to be half-baked, and his lack of definite revelation to be a cop out.
No matter your opinion, virtually everyone who saw Prometheus – and the film’s $50M gross means lots of you took the time to see it opening weekend – wanted to talk about it, at length, following your screenings. You wanted to come up with answers to some of the film’s biggest questions. 
Believe me, you are not alone. 
In a comprehensive piece,’s Christopher Campbell collects several opinions suggested by the Internet’s top film writers about what they saw in Prometheus. Erik Davis of Fandango and also has hosted several Prometheus Chats dissecting the film (they are a must-listen). Of course, Scott also sat down with us specifically to tell us some of the reasoning behind the film’s big mysteries. And this explanation, writer by British children’s author Adrian Bott, has been making the rounds. Lindelof even retweeted it, stating, “I love the way you think.”
We always give you an opportunity to Rate the New Releases. But for Prometheus, we also wanted to open a thread for discussion. The movie calls for it. Tell us: What were the most intriguing questions asked by Prometheus? What questions would you love to see answered in the sequel (if a sequel actually happens)? And do you have any theories that help clarify Scott’s foray into the Alien universe? Share them with us below.
While you are mulling that over, we have a brand new viral video on behalf of Prometheus that will build to something fans are now calling 10.11.12. It features Guy Pearce’s character, Peter Weyland, and suggests that the Prometheus discussion hasn’t ended with the film reaching theaters. It’s only just begun. Join in.


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