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Pregnant Bella, Capt. Jack Sparrow Dominate Fandango Halloween Costume Poll

Recently, we polled thousands of Fandango users to see who they’d be dressing up as for Halloween and as expected, two well-known characters from blockbuster franchises came out on top.

Breaking Dawn reigned supreme for women voters, with 45% selecting "Pregnant Bella" as their preferred costume choice. Following close behind were two Harry Potter characters – Hermione Granger and Bellatrix Lestrange. Smurfette, Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Angelica from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides rounded out the top six.
While Penelope Cruz’s character may have ranked sixth among women, Johnny Depp’s Capt. Jack Sparrow topped the men’s list with 48% selecting the wise-cracking pirate. Harry Potter and Captain America came in second and third with werewolf Jacob Black from Twilight, Puss in Boots and Thor rounding out the top six in the men’s category.
The poll also included group costumes, with characters from X-Men: First Class leading the Harry Potter Hogwarts graduates and Twilight’s quartet of Bella, Edward, Jacob and Renesmee. The ladies from Bridesmaids, the Southern belles of The Help and the Wolf Pack from The Hangover round out the category.
You can view the full results here in our Halloween Guide.
What will you be dressing up as this Halloween?
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