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Potter Poll: What's the Most Useful Spell and Why?

Harry PotterAttention Potter fans! We're counting down to Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and giving away some cool prizes for the big opening. If you've actually read a Harry Potter book or two, then recalling wand spells off the top of your head should be easy peasy.

We want to know what you think would be the most useful wand spell and why. Can't find your missing keys? The Accio spell should have them zooming to you in a second.  If those keys don't work, you could also try Alohomora to unlock a door. Need a light in the dark? There's a spell for that too! And there are myriad others. Tweet your entry in reply to our Twitter post to enter the 8 Days of Potter giveaways. You have until 9 p.m. PST to enter our Day 5 giveaway.
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