Poll: You Pick The Hottest Story of the Week

Yes Fandango fans, another thrilling week has gone by – and as we quickly approach the end of summer, trying to find the tiniest bit of sanity during these lazy, sun-drenched days of August, how about we take a look back at the week that was and try to determine which story made the most impact. As always, check out the five biggest stories from this past week, then sound off below on which one you think deserves the high honor of [drum roll please] Hottest Story of the Week!

  1. Michael Jackson Film Gets a Release Date – Because we know it’s all you’re thinking about these days (well, not really), all parties involved were finally granted permission to release a feature film full of the rehearsal footage that was taped of Michel Jackson leading up to his planned 50-concert series in London. This Is It (named after the canceled concert series) will hit theaters on October 30th, one day before Halloween – making it so moviegoers will have to choose between a horror film or, well, watching Michael Jackson perform. I think I’ll shut up now … [Read More]
  2. They’re Making a LEGO Movie – In the wake of films like Transformers and G.I. Joe, Hollywood is itching to get their uninspired hands on any little toy property so they can adapt it into a feature film and make tons of money. Next up: The much-anticipated Lego movie, which will arrive as a live-action/CG blend that will serve as Warner Bros.’ answer to Toy Story. [Read More]
  3. ‘New Moon’ Trailer Number Two – The second trailer for New Moon arrived in pieces this week. First as a 14-second preview, and then in front of Bandslam in theaters. However, if you move fast, you can check it out on YouTube as well. All I have to say is that there seems to be a lot more shirtless teenage men this time around. What’s up with that? [Read More]
  4.  Steven Spielberg’s Halo Movie – It’s only a rumor right now, and even Microsoft says nothing is going on with regards to a big-screen Halo movie, but IESB claims that behind the scenes Steven Spielberg is angling to produce an eventual movie based on the popular video game. [Read More]
  5. Three Stooges Casting Issues – The upcoming Farrelly Bros.’ Three Stooges movie has had its share of casting issues. First Sean Penn dropped out, then Paul Giamatti replaced him – and then Jim Carrey apparently dropped out, with no apparent replacement waiting in the wings. Will this project ever get off the ground, or will this revolving door of actors keep it from doling out laughs? [Read More]
So there you have it – the five biggest stories of the week. Now it’s your turn to sound off below on which one you think has enough gutsy stamina to be awarded the title: Hottest Story of the Week!

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