Poll: Which New Release Did You Like The Most?

Usually this is the spot where I’d ask you to rate the box office winner, which, in this case, would be The Expendables. In a weekend packed full of fun box office battles, Sly Stallone and the rest of his aging action stars managed to pull in the most amount of money, blasting through theaters with $35 million over the three days. Julia Roberts proved she still has what it takes to open a movie since Eat Pray Love wound up pulling in $23 million for second place, and poor little Scott Pilgrim finished all the way in fifth place with $10.5 million, despite it being the best of the new releases this week. (The Other Guys and Inception finished third and fourth, respectively, with $18 million and $11.4 million.)

'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,' 'The Expendables' and 'Eat Pray Love'

So The Expendables is the film that you all wanted to see the most this week, but does that mean it was the best of the three. As I said previously, I whole-heartedly feel Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was the best film that came out this past weekend, though I can understand that a lot of people probably didn’t “get” the movie enough to want to shell out money for it. Plus, I get it, Sly Stallone blowing things up is too tempting to refuse. And Julia Roberts! Those lips! How can you say no?!
Sound off below and let us know which film you thought was the best new release? Did you see all three? Only two? Just one? Did the right film make the most money? Let us know below …


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