Poll: Which 2010 Blockbuster Are You Anticipating the Least?

We already spoke about which 2010 blockbuster you're anticipating the most, and Iron Man 2 easily beat other fan favorites like The Twilight Saga: Eclipse with its 53%. However, we did not include Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I on our poll, and as such we received a whole ton of write-in votes. But choosing our most anticipated movies is pretty easy, especially when you have so much awesome to scour through. This time around, though, we're looking for the blockbuster you're anticipating the least.

Let's face it: Not all blockbusters are destined to have moviegoers foaming at the mouths. Sure, the sequels have an advantage because of the existing built-in audience, as do remakes, prequels and even re-inventions. But the new potential franchises, like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and The Green Hornet might have trouble finding those folks who are simply dying to see them. In fact, my least anticipated blockbuster is probably The Green Hornet, only because I'm having trouble envisioning what this movie is supposed to be. It's based on an old school comic hero, but Seth Rogen is playing him and Michel Gondry is directing. This thing will either become the most brilliant piece of cinema we'll see all year, or it will bomb terribly. Not so sure there's an in-between.
Using our poll from last time (but including Potter), sound off on which blockbuster you're anticipating the least. And if your choice isn't listed in our poll, then definitely put it in the comments section below.


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