Poll: Should the Terminator Franchise Continue?

I have no problem criticizing the recent Terminator Salvation. Fact is, while there were a couple decent, well-developed action sequences, the film lacked focus, structure and a character we actually cared about. It was a bit of a mess … but does that mean we should abandon the franchise all together?

Maybe. After all, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was like a fast food version of the first two (excellent) films, and it was followed by an equally-as-pathetic fourth installment that fans may have liked a tad more because it was newer, shinier and starred their Bat-hero, Christian Bale. But how long do we go before it's time to kill a franchise? How many sequels should they churn out before it becomes time to pack up the kids and head elsewhere?
Well, in the case of the Terminator franchise, it'll be at least five installments, because while director McG preps his 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake, he's also hard at work on another Terminator film – one that will apparently involve a contemporary setting like the first three films, but include an assortment of the killer robots featured in Salvation. Is this his last chance to get it right?
What do you think? Should there be another Terminator film? Sound off in our poll below…

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